Is your music library boring you to death?

Here’s some Alternative music that I advise you add to your library. These artists aren’t necessarily new or old, they are just artists that I have been discovering lately or have listened to for my whole life.

Angles & Airwaves – Most of their music is very good, but I especially advise that you check out their “LOVE” album. The lead singer of this band is or, was (band status changes like the phases of the moon) the same lead singer of Blink 182.

Augustana- This band has a bit more of the generalized ‘modern rock’, feel to their music. Check out their songs “Mayfield” and “Bullets”.

The Black Keys- I know you have heard these guys at least once in your life. The album “Brothers” is extremely wonderful and you are bound to enjoy every song. I could go on forever, but I must continue.

Blink 182 – yeah, that one band that sings, “I miss you”, “Feeling This”, and “Down”. If this is the only music from them you’ve heard, check out the rest. I dare you. It’s worth it.

Bright Eyes – This is a wonderful band, but not at first. I say this because you really need to have a respect for their music. Some good songs by them are “Lua” and “Down a Rabbit Hole”. Their music is definitely different.

Cake – Revolutionary. That is all I must say. One of my favorite bands for sure. I’ve listened to these guys for at least 6 years. Good songs by them are “The Distance” and “Meanwhile, Rick James…”. Be prepared to have a change in taste of music.

Dashboard Confessional – Is a great band, they have a couple really good albums. The songs “Hands Down” and “Where There’s Gold…” are two really good tracks and there are many more that are just as good, if not, then better.

Decemberists – I heard about these guys about 2 years ago and I love them. They remind me a lot of the writing stile of Bright Eyes, but the sound is a little more fresh. Check out the songs “July, July!” and “Valerie Plame”.

Discovery – This group is one of few bands that I only like only one song of theirs, but that one song that I like is pretty sweet, it has more of a electronic-beat type sound to it. Check out “Orange Shirt” real bass hitter.

The Envy Corps – I actually had the honor of meeting the drummer at a coffee shop downtown at a music festival. He told me they are releasing a new album soon. They are freaking great! They are actually from Iowa. Check out “Sylvia” and “Party Dress”. I have listened to these guys every single day of my life for the last year. The irony is; they only have one album.

Explosions In the Sky – No lyrics here! But if you need some music to study to or just some good, true, instrumental rock music; these guys are great. They explain the title of their songs through the structure and the instrumental harmony through their songs. Check out the songs “The Birth and Death of the Day” and try to imagine the song as a background to a scene of a movie and you will soon create a story out of the song in your head.. All their music is awesome. I actually wrote a speech about these guys for my Speech class. They have a modern rock feel, but more of a developed musical attitude.

Florence and the Machine- Pretty sweet. I listen to them on occasion. Especially when I’m on a female artist kick. Check out the songs “Rabbit Heart” and “Howl”

Jack’s Mannequin – Alright. I would first like to state that this band (and the other band the lead singer is in) is definitely my all time favorite. (I’ll get to his other band later). The lead singer has a documentary called “Dear Jack” (link opens in new window for your convince)  that tapes him through his battles of Cancer and the road to recovery. He is a truly inspiring musician and displays it in his music. Check out the songs “I’m Ready”, “Dark Blue”, and “Into the Airwaves”.

Jimmy Eat World- Is a band that just came out with a new album. You might be familiar with an older song of theirs called “The Middle” but other than that, check out “Dizzy” and “Let it Happen”.

LazyBoy – Well, this is a different style of music, check out their song called “Underwear Goes inside the Pants” it’s pretty awesome because it’s like a version of rap that more resembles a public speech (Genre known as Spoken Word). I hope you don’t skip over this.

Linkin Park- has been a band that I use to like, then I started getting bored and thought it kind of weird, but their new album called “A thousand Suns” is actually a ton different than all of their other music. It’s really ‘moving’ in a way. Check out “Waiting for the End” and “The Catalyst”

Matt & Kim – Holy bah-Jesus. This is a two person band, Matt on keyboard and synth, and his wife, Kim on the drums and percussion. I am truly grateful to have heard about this band.  “Ice Melts” “Cameras” “Block After Block” and “Daylight” are all really fun and catchy songs. They just make me want to get rowdy and dance around. Somehow, just the two of them, could pull off sounding like a whole band.

Middle Class Rut – Neat sound to them, I just heard of them, but I’m lovin the songs “New Low” and “Cornbread”. They have more emotional vocals, but not like Scremo music or Metal. 

The Naked And Famous – “Young Blood” is the only song by them that I  like but that one song is friggin’ great they sound very Indy-pop in a way.

Quietdrive – “Rise from the Ashes” is a good song, it’s another one with a moving feel to it.

Something Corporate – This is the other band the lead singer of the band Jack’s Mannequin is in. They sound a little less piano-led and more guitar-led. They are really fun to listen to during the morning commute because it really get’s your mind off the fact that you may possibly be late for work! Probably my second all time favorite band behind Jacks Mannequin. Check out “Hurricane”, “Fall”, and “I Woke Up in a Car”.

Sleigh Bells – Saw these guys on a MTV band promotion ad. They are funky, and are defiantly one of those bands that grow on you. Check out “Riot Rhythm” and “Kids”. Make sure you let the song finish before you decide “Meh I don’t like em” because sometimes it takes a while to get to the ‘good’ half of the song.

The Streets – Now, I’m not necessarily being serious in saying these guys are good but they ARE fun to listen to for entertainment or comedy. They, are British, rappers. Yup. Check out “We All Got Our Runnins” and “Sharp Darts”(Catchy actually), and “Same Old Thing” (The extra add-in vocals are hilarious)…Yes, people in Britain actually listen to these people. In fact they have made high places in the UK music charts. I don’t mean to offend you if you are British. In fact, I don’t like 90% of the music that my country of the United States puts out.

Travis Barker – Remember the “Soldier Boy Remix” that came out three or four years ago? That drummer, is a recording artist, and he just released a new album called “Give the Drummer Some”. It’s fresh if you like rap. If you don’t like rap, then you will still love it because it has Travis drumming in it.

Yellowcard – Just released a new album in March that’s called “When you’re through thinking, Say yes…” If you liked Yellowcard’s song “Ocean Avenue” Listen to this album. Some good songs on this album are “Be the Young” and “Soundtrack” but truly, all of the songs on this album are fantastic.

Hope that helped.

Please post any other music that you enjoy listening to in the space provided to support the cause!