The Joy of Living

Most of us are living to prove ourselves to people; to prove and act to show that we are important, experienced, professional, worth praise and respect, super-fly, extra, intelligent, dope, fly, worth being looked up to, etc. 

Whatever way you want to put it, it doesn’t make a difference in making yourself matter. Nobody cares about who you think you are and thinking so only makes yourself a good comedy piece.

The only way to make yourselves worth being a part of the human race is by making a difference in peoples lives. Not on a global, national, or even on a state scale; but on a personal basis.

You wanna make yourself matter to anyone in this world? Make someone happy, lose the ego and live for people; not the joy of yourself through people, but through the joy of other people through yourself.

After that happens, then you will be super-fly. But you won’t even know it. That’s the joy of living: 

Death to the Ego through the gift of true joy through yourself. And life to the people around you through the loss of selfishness.

Happiness and Sorrow

Our days on this earth are numbered. These days have a beginning and an end. A birth, then a death. Some believe in a life after death, some do not. Some believe that in this life we are born with a purpose, some do not. Whatever you believe, the reality is this; After birth, the moment you breathe that first breath, you are introduced with life. When you die, you take your last breathe and that signals the end of life on Earth. 

Between birth and death, we have what is called a life. Life is defined as the animate existence or period of animate existence of an individual. Some define life as the events, some the memories. But what makes up those events in our existence are those we all wish only the best of. Humanity as a whole defines the moments that we find the pinnacle of our lives as a product of happiness.

Happiness is crucial to our overall sense of being. Without happiness, we are nothing. We are not the friendly neighbor, the kind citizen, or the small ray of light that keeps others in tune with their own felling of joy and happiness that we bring upon them through our own.

Although happiness is crucial to the lives of people around us and our own, we are not entitled to happiness, but the pursuit of happiness will be the life long endeavor that we will always find so prodigious as we go through droughts and famines of joy. In spite of this simple fact that melancholy will be a part of this endeavor we cannot let it bring us down further. These times of suffering and grief are the same events that we base the simple factor of happiness and joy on. 

So do not let these times of melancholy and grief bring you down. Instead, them play their part in your life as the catalyst that just enhances the good in your life. Moreover do not let your times of sorrow turn you into a person that you are not. Sorrow is so powerful that it can become contiguous to people around you. 

Find a solid balance between happiness and sorrow to affect you and people around you in a positive way. This is because you are the light that shines through this Earth and there will be a day that you will burn out.

Thank You


Sun, Water, Sand, Family, and Friends.

It must be summer. The first week went by really quickly. I got done with my last final at 9:30 in the morning on Tuesday. As soon as I left that parking lot, I called some of my friends to see if they wanted to enhance the last portion of my day to start out my summer. It turned out to be a great day. The rest of the week we all saw each other more and summer was defiantly here.

We had some great times that first week of summer. We went to coffee shops, watched the Manchester United vs Blackpool game, went to antique stores and even more. In this first week of summer I have had more fun than I’ve had in the last few months at least. Ever since school started this year, I have set aside friends and family and left only school and work in my daily schedule. That has been so destructive to my life in a way that words cannot describe (in short enough terms to keep you entertained). I finally let myself enjoy my life and I can’t get enough of it now.

I am finally starting to enjoy life again.


To a child, there is no worry or grief; Happiness resides even in the worst of situations.
Photo Credit: Jill Freedman

To a child, there is no worry or grief; Happiness resides even in the worst of situations.

Photo Credit: Jill Freedman

Question Of The Day #7

What inspired you today?

As I was driving to a local coffee shop this morning, I saw a MicroBus. (Aka, hippie van) and when I was driving next to it, I looked to see who was driving it. He looked like he was in his mid 20’s and I gave the guy a thumbs up, he looked over and smiled and put up the peace sign. He looked so happy, like he didn’t have any worry in his life. This man and his van inspired me to live today stress free as well. It’s worked so far, and it’s wonderful. I want to see how long this can last for me.

What inspired YOU today?